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VP Media obtained financial backing and created "Now Model Management" and within two years, turned "Now" into a million-dollar company.  "Now" was sold and word soon got out to top management agencies that Vicky Press was available. VP Media CEO accepted a position with American Models in NYC, where she created a celebrity division that specialized in public relations to build up talent through the press and increase their marketability.  

Building on her PR success, Vicky Press founded  VP Media and has been opening new doors for countless clients ever since.  Her PR campaigns are strategically linked to client career goals. VP Media has the management expertise to turn press into jobs.  VP has negotiated top advertising


campaigns, catalogs, and television commercials for our clients including Guess, Victoria's Secret, Wonderbra, Salon Selective, Pantene, Express, Clairol, L'Oreal, Revlon, CoverGirl, Maybeline, Cacharel Perfume, Byblos, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Giorgio Armani, Polo, Ralph Lauren, Delias, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Redken.

VP has placed fashion models/talent in pictorials and on the covers of top fashion magazines throughout the world including; Vogue, Mademoiselle, Cosmopolitan, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, Seventeen, YM, GQ, Esquire, Maxim, and Shape.  VP also books models for catalogs worldwide. Some notable catalog clients included Bloomingdales, Eddie Bauer, Talbot's, Victoria's Secret, Warnaco, Marcy's, Sterns, Nordstroms, and Dillards. 

VP provides in house technical expertise to market research, videography, video editing, writing, and website construction.




"Thanks for all of the publications.  Everyone is so happy with you.  You are truly the greatest. It's great to see someone with great work ethics....and someone who produces great results".


Chiaroscuro Fotografia



"My team has worked with Victoria for the past two years. During that time not only has she gotten numerous features for Jules Liesl, but she has always been courteous, business-like and completely forthright with us. Victoria placed Jules Liesl in Sports Illustrated, Maxim, and many others. She arranged shoots for Jules Liesl based on her itinerary and goals, adding incredible value to the effort.  Victoria excels at strategy and collaboration, working with the rest of the Jules Liesl team to showcase and craft her image at every step of her career, from model to singer, songwriter and talent. Victoria’s connections in the entertainment industry, her personal loyalty and her ability to adapt to changing goals and markets has made her a valuable asset to us. We look forward to our continued work with her."


Marla Saunders

Jules Liesl

"Recently started working with Victoria Pressly  and I am amazed at how quickly she understood my goals and was able to get me involved in many amazing press events. She even secured a cover for me within one week as well as a show that is viewed by 70 Million Homes in the US.  I was referred to Victoria  by a friend and I can see why. Not only is she the ultimate professional with a vast network, but she is also a kind person who is looking out for her clients best interest. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Victoria and see what lies ahead."


Janine Delong, Ph.D.

I have worked with Vicky for over 10 years.   She is a hard working effective absolute magician .  Vicky  gets it done .  She is imaginative and knows her business .   A real Pro.  She works non stop.  I wish all of my publicity agents were nearly half of her .. She is the top. 

I have worked with Vicky  on clients like Frank Vincent of Sopranos and Goodfellas .  He’s a legend due to some of Victorias hard work and genius energy . She has got him a ton of PR for promotion of Film , Television and commercials .  Such as Ciroc Vodka , major magazines and TV spots .  Plus short films.     She got Frank magazine  covers and in depth interviews etc…. Talk shows like Jimmy Kimmel,  Edge magazine , Mob Candy.  Promotion for his book "A guys guide to being a mans man" .  She was very active in his Ciroc Vodka campaign with puff Daddy and Miller Lite beer adds .   Victoria dealt with the Emmy campaign as well .

Also Nikki Gray a beautiful  actress / model that Vicky  got her great covers of magazines, talk shows etc . And promotion for The Mob Museum in Las Vegas , She was a gorgeous Mob Maul .     Besides Maxim Magazine , FHM Covers and features etc.. etc ..  NIKKI has been aa client of Vicky for over 10 years .  She has done so much Print that Victoria booked  for Nikki.   Vicky has given her career absolute lift off with films such as "The Bronx Bull "etc ..   Red Carpets etc .  And Vicky always Makes it a joy . 

Rich Graff a very busy actor that starred in the AMC flagship project  “The Making of The Mob”. He played Lucky Luciano. And Victoria got Rich a ton of PR.  She got him in all of the gallery shoots , photo shoots, Q and A panels with the entire cast.  Etc… etc… 

Vicky recently got me tickets and Red Carpets passes for MTVs / VMAS.  I had found it impossible to get these !st class tickets for my client ..  Victoria did it top shelf in less than 24 hours .My belief is she can succeed at any task .  She is a brilliant, hard-working girl that loves what she does and is more than a pleasure to do it with .  I've been in the film and television business since 1974 and I’ve worked with A listers, and I’ve honestly never met anyone as impressive and as knock out brilliant as Victoria Pressly.

Melissa Prophet 
‘Melissa Prophet Entertainment 

"We have become friends over the years, and in my personal experience of my time working with Victoria, the value she brought to the table, and what she achieved for me in bookings and press across all three of my professional entertainment endeavors of acting, modeling, and professional poker playing, far outweighed what I believe to be very reasonable costs she charged as a professional publicist. She was an enormous asset to me in my professional pursuits, and I am confident I would not have gotten to where I did without her help."

Christina “Lindley” Linderman

"I first met Victoria Pressly in June of 2003, when my family and I moved to Cherry Valley, NY. We were introduced by a mutual friend who knew that I write about the audio and recording industries for a living: Coincidentally, Pressly was at the time working as a publicist for the successful band Korn. Victoria and her family became good friends of ours, and during the 14 years when my family and I were their neighbors we spent a great deal of time together—during which we also met some of the models whom Victoria represented. Victoria's love for and dedication to her profession was evident from the start: She obviously worked very hard for her clients. I have known Victoria to be one of the most honest, forthright, hard-working people I've met, in any line of work; I admire her as a professional, and I deeply value her friendship and that of her family."

Art Dudley, Deputy Editor

Stereophile Magazine

"Vicky has been an incredible publicist as well as positive force in shaping my career since the inception of my social media presence. Upon even the slightest mention of any given publication, Victoria has booked me immediately. She’s introduced me to several influential figures in the entertainment industry. Incessantly keeping me accountable on my path to achieving my goals, she helps me in seemingly minute ways that later on prove significant. Someone you can call for a moment of positive encouragement, a roll model of confidence, Victioria goes above and beyond in every way possible. For her it’s not about the money, it’s about wanting to see people win! She’s booked me as a featured model in Sports Illustrated, GQ, FHM, Maxim, Playboy and even as a writer in various large publications! I am so appreciative for having met her and recommend her to everyone who needs a leg up. Her energy is contagious, especially after witnessing her in action!"


"I began working with Vicky  in 2014. Vicky handled all of my PR representation as well as submitting and landing me modeling and acting jobs. Two of my biggest jobs to date, I owe to her I did a six page spread in GQ magazine and a photo shoot with Redken. Vicky also made it possible for me to participate in both NY and LA fashion weeks, multiple times. I would highly recommend working with her."



Alex Minsky 

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